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HK Stock Market Trend    Data are available since 2013

Trading Date: 
2018-02-15 (Thu)
HSI: 31115.43   599.83  ( 1.93%)
HSCEI: 12535.51   274.52  ( 2.19%)
Turnover: 76,909M
Short-selling Turnover: 10,026M
HSI PEHSI YieldHSI Short Selling RatioHSI Volatility Index (VHSI)
16.63 x2.87 %13.04 %22.89
HSCEI PEHSCEI YieldAdvanced Stocks*Declined Stocks*Unchanged Stocks*
10.41 x3.24 %1219327312
Stocks Turnover
Out of Total Market Turnover %
76.94 %5.33 %0.86 %
*ETFs, Warrants, CBBCs, Debt Securities and Suspended Securities are not included.
 VHSI    HSI PE    HSI Yield    -Day History      
Top 10 Gainers
8392Satu Holdings 42.59%
8473Mi Ming Mart Holdings 33.74%
1572China Art Financial Holdings 22.34%
8346TEM Holdings 20.00%
7Hoifu Energy Group 19.39%
474Hao Tian Development Group 19.30%
1722Kin Pang Holdings 18.42%
3773NNK Group 16.67%
2327Meilleure Health International Industry Group 16.67%
1259China Child Care 15.34%
Top 10 Losers
8337Directel Holdings 18.37%
8167Neo Telemedia 15.26%
1059Kantone Holdings 7.65%
8126G. A. Holdings 7.55%
8510Top Standard Corporation 7.17%
2086HNA Technology Investments Holdings 6.9%
309Xinhua News Media Holdings 6.9%
8272Chinese Food and Beverage Group 6.25%
1183MECOM Power and Construction 6.18%
8278CMON 6.1%
Top 10 Turnover Stocks
700Tencent Holdings 3.09%
939China Construction Bank Corporation 4.69%
2318Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China 3.21%
5HSBC Holdings plc 2.01%
388Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing 2.64%
1398Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 3.10%
3988Bank of China 1.15%
2828Hang Seng H-share Index ETF 1.85%
2382Sunny Optical Technology (Group) 2.98%
883CNOOC 3.26%

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The graphs above show plots of the Hang Seng Index (HSI), Volatility of Hang Seng Index (VHSI), Hang Seng Index Price Earnings Ratio (HSI PE) and its Dividend Yield (HSI Yield %) across 50 to 500 trading day ranges since 2013. HSI Volatility (% difference between day high and day low) and HSI Gap Volatility (% difference between current day’s opening price and previous trading day’s closing price) Moving Averages are also displayed. Market Breadth is calculated as no of blue chips having VWAP greater than their own N-Day Moving Averages divided by total no of blue chips, which indicates the extent of overbought and oversold of HSI constituents. The Spot Gold graph displays Spot Gold Prices (USD per ounce) as well as ratios Dow Jones Industial Average (DJIA) to Spot Gold and HSI to Spot Gold. Short-selling Turnover graphs indicate yearly and monthly short-selling turnover and total turnover of HK Stock Market. Yearly and monthly Short-selling Ratios are also calculated. HSI PE, HSI Yield, HSI Short Selling Ratio, HSI Volatility Index (VHSI), HSCEI PE, HSCEI Yield, Advanced Stocks, Declined Stocks, Unchanged Stocks as well as Top 10 gainers / losers / highest volume names are also updated on a daily basis.
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