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2019-04-17 (Wed)
HSI: 30124.68   5.19  ( 0.02%)
HSCEI: 11848.98   27.8  ( 0.23%)
Turnover: 104,270M
Short-selling Turnover: 14,629M


Site Overview

HK Stock Market Trend
The HK Stock Market Trend page shows plots of the Hang Seng Index (HSI), Volatility of Hang Seng Index (VHSI), Hang Seng Index Price Earnings Ratio (HSI PE) and its Dividend Yield (HSI Yield %) across 50 to 500 trading day ranges since 2007. HSI Volatility (% difference between day high and day low) and HSI Gap Volatility (% difference between current day’s opening price and previous trading day’s closing price) Moving Averages are also displayed. Market Breadth is calculated as no of blue chips having VWAP greater than their own N-Day Moving Averages divided by total no of blue chips, which indicates the extent of overbought and oversold of HSI constituents. Short-selling Turnover graphs indicate yearly and monthly short-selling turnover and total turnover of HK Stock Market. Yearly and monthly Short-selling Ratios are also calculated. HSI PE, HSI Yield, HSI Short Selling Ratio, HSI Volatility Index (VHSI), HSCEI PE, HSCEI Yield, Advanced Stocks, Declined Stocks, Unchanged Stocks as well as Top 10 gainers / losers / highest volume names are also updated on a daily basis.

Hong Kong Stock Market Trend Chart

HK Stock Quote
The graphs on the HK Stock Quote page change depending on the chart selected, which range from Intraday Transactions, Closing Price, VWAP, Volatility, Short-Selling Ratios, and Number of Issued Shares history of each stock. N-Day Average Turnover and Volume, N-Day Highest Price and N-Day Lowest Price can be viewed using 20 to 250 trading day ranges, while the chart display ranges from 50 to 500 trading days since 2007. The chart in HK Stock Price and Volume Distribution page displays daily transaction volumes of upside and downside trades, which indicates buying and selling strengths of each stock. HK Stock Historical Short-selling Turnover page records yearly and monthly cumulative short-selling turnover and total turnover of each stock. Yearly and monthly short-selling ratios are also calculated.

Hong Kong Stock Quote Technical Chart

Fundamental Analysis
The Company Figures page displays historical graphs of Net Profit Growth, Earnings Per Share (EPS) Growth, Price-to-Earnings Ratio (PE), Price / Earnings to Growth Ratio (PEG), Price-to-Book Ratio (PB), Dividend Per Share (DPS) Growth, Yield, Return on Equity (ROE), Return on Assets (ROA), Net Profit Margin (NPM), Market Cap / Cash Flow from Operations (CFO), Quick Ratio, Inventory Turnover, Total Debt / Equity Ratio, Capital Adequacy and Cost to Income. Users can also rank according to these criteria via HK Stock Rankings for Banks and HK Stock Rankings for Non-Bank Companies pages respectively for banking and non-banking stocks, to arrive at a list of equally weighted rankings and corresponding rankings of each individual criterion for a specific financial year end. Turnover is based on the closest trading day's data for the purpose of stock screening. The fundamentals data is selected starting from 2008 financial year end for each stock.

Hong Kong Company Fundamental Analysis Chart

Bullish Signals
Bullish Signals are divided into three categories by showing HK Stock Deviations between Closing Price and VWAP, HK Stock Closing Price to Average Price, and HK Stock Daily Volume to Average Volume. Users can generate a list of stocks according to the technical criteria selected. The average price ranges from 10 to 250 trading days, while the daily volume ranges from 10 to 100 trading days. Turnover is based on the closest trading day's data for the purpose of stock screening.

Bearish Signals
Bearish Signals are divided into two categories by showing HK Stock Deviations between Closing price and VWAP, and HK Stock Short Selling Ratios. Users can generate a list of stocks according to the criteria selected. The average short-selling volume that can be selected ranges from 20 to 250 trading days. Turnover is based on the closest trading day's data for the purpose of stock screening.

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