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Master ChefI have recently watched the exciting US series of MasterChef, where a bunch of untrained home cooks had to compete in various cooking challenges to compete for a prize of USD 250,000.  The obvious part is to watch fantastic cooking demonstrated before your eyes, and how each contestant fights for the next spot in the challenge.  The best meat of each episode of course, is seeing the judges, Mr. Gordon Ramsay, Mr. Joe Bastianich, and Mr. Graham Elliot yell at the contestants when they mess up their dishes.  These are some of the best chefs in the world, and they have earned their right to have exceptionally high standards in terms of cooking skills required.

After all, everyone in the series is competing to be America’s MasterChef.  They should be able to take some heat from the judges. 🙂

But what this makes me think is that, actually, cooking and investing have a lot in common.  What I would like to drive at, is that our cooking / eating habits, should be more in line with how we invest.

When I look to put food in my mouth, I would never think for a second to put food that is uncooked (great sashimi an exception), or meat that wasn’t handled properly.  There are arguably many many stocks which are a bit like a rotten piece of chicken (likely with flies hovering all around).  You wouldn’t think of putting that in front of a plate, right?

From the MasterChef episodes, I see that the contestants got to work with the juiciest cuts of steak and amazing varieties of seafood.  The lobsters and scallops are always so attractive and amazing!

Makes me think that whenever the contestants work with the best materials to cook with, they can’t really go wrong!  Even if you were a really bad cook, you could come up with an OK dish!

If I had to pick 5 stocks which I think are of good quality and they are in consecutive numbers, 0001.HK to 0005.HK would do! 🙂  Although 0005.HK seems to be on track from less write offs and a strong Asia presence, I do worry whether the company has grown too big, and how a company of its size can prevent taking excessive risk again like they did during the Subprime crisis.

I mean, they took so much risk that they had to do a rights offering at close to 33 HKD per share just to be in line with capital requirements!  Then again, those who believed in the franchise and held onto the shares from the rights did quite well!

Like my mom used to tell me all the time, “don’t put all that junk food in your mouth”!

Land mines are for people who haven’t done their homework to step on, not for you to eat!


– Mr. Alpha


2009年3月9日是經典的一天,$33 的匯豐控股 (00005.HK) 不知會否再見。
-Mr. Alpha

匯豐控股 HSBC Holdings (00005.HK) 2009-03-09

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