Sir John TempletonPerformance from last week on the our mentioned names is unlikely to be sustainable every week going forward!

We are going to follow Grandma’s rule, which is “eat your carrots first!”.  We will look at how the 5 names mentioned last week from worst to best:


Stock Closing Price (8/9) Last Closing Price (8/16) % chg
HK2777 12.84 13 +1.2%
HK1088 23.35 24.85 +6.4%
HK323 1.98 2.11 +6.6%
HK1398 4.97 5.31 +6.8%
HK1138 3.51 3.99 +13.7%


All positives which is good!  The non-index names (HK323 and HK1138) performed better than I expected.

Do remember that you didn’t have to pay a dime for the above picks!  That’s probably a better sign because unless our track record is stellar, people are going to be doubtful when a stranger suggest they should part way with their money. 🙂

Many of these names are being widely publicized by the local media, which can be both good and bad.  My general rule-of-thumb is that the public is usually widely attracted by the success stories published in the media, which is turn fuels more buying into those names.  Repeated publicity maybe a sign to sell.

HK1138 and HK1088 are having their financial results announced this coming week.


– Mr. Alpha


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