Alpha InvestmentsBelow is a short summary of all the stocks mentioned in the Alert! series and their subsequent price performance.  The column “closing price (DP)” quotes the price the day after the post was live:


Stock Date posted Closing Price Last closing price % gain
HK2777 Nov-18 10.54 11 4.4%
HK8220 Nov-11 0.13 0.157 20.8%
HK282 Oct-02 0.88 1.48 68.2%
HK2688 Sep-02 30.85 34.65 12.3%


All positive gains!  Congrats to those who found our articles interesting for action!

Nov 27th is an important date on Next Media as that is the date of signing for the Taiwan Business sale announced as of now.  More to come later on this!

-Mr. Alpha




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