Stephen ChowA nice VWAP trend observed for HK8220, BINGO GROUP developed over the past year!  This company is 65.49% owned by the famous Mr. Stephen Chow!

The area under the VWAP graph below is mostly positive in the past year, indicating a positive VWAP trend.


HK8220 VWAPHowever, we do want to put in a disclaimer that HK8220 has not delivered a net profit between financial years 03/2005 to 03/2012.

As per the first quarterly results ended 06/2012, Bingo Group is in the works of making a full length movie with working title “Journey to the West-除魔傳奇”.  It has also entered into the Film Production Agreement with 青島廣電動畫有限公司 in relation to the production of animation movie and TV cartoon of title of “CJ7 (長江七號)”.

I am not Mr. Chow (he is WAY richer and smarter than I am) and I don’t have a crystal ball as to how he would like to develop HK8220.  But if you believe in his brand of humor and the possibility to create mega-block busters like Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle, HK8220 may be an interesting opportunity.

– Mr. Alpha



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